Lower Primary

Responding to bushfires

This section explores the theme of 'Responding to bushfires', and is designed to support the learning needs of students between Prep to Grade 3. It is aligned to Victorian Curriculum levels 1 and 2. 

Students learn what to do in a fire emergency, when and how to make a Triple Zero (000) emergency call.

Learning what to do in a fire emergency

Learning intention:

Through exploring a scenario in which children call emergency Triple Zero to report a fire, students come to appreciate the correct way to report an emergency. They will be guided to think about and identify the action taken by the characters to alert "000" (Triple Zero) and stay safe.

Reporting an emergency to Triple Zero (000)

Learning intention:

Students come to understand the seriousness of calling Triple Zero (000). They will understand the process of making an emergency call including how to articulate and speak clearly and answer questions thoroughly to ensure the call is completed successfully.