Who can help people prepare for bushfires and how can they be contacted?

Focus statement

Students learn what the various fire services and emergency agencies are and how, when and if to contact them.

Key message

Part of our preparation for bushfires is to know what fire service and emergency agencies exist in our local area and how they can help us prepare for bushfires.


Have students research the roles and contacts of the different fire services and emergency agencies in their local area. Alternatively, they can research these details for another specific locality in one of the nine Fire Districts in Victoria. Include the following services or agencies and find out how they could help you in the event of, or in your preparation for, a bushfire:

In small groups or as individuals, students choose one of the following topics as the basis for creating a poster. (The poster may be created electronically or as a hard copy.) The aim is to be informative about the important message and to be eye-catching.

Option 1: Design a bushfire communications tree for your local area showing all the branches of communications for bushfire support in the area. A communication tree may look like this:
Communication tree

If time and space allow, include some broader state-wide communication points such as key websites and emergency radio broadcasters.

Option 2: Design a poster informing people how to use either CFA services or the Victorian Bushfire Information Line. Your poster must:

  • describe when you would use the service
  • explain how you would use the service and what you would expect to see/hear/say/enter when you access the service

Option 3: Design a poster for a CFA volunteer recruitment campaign. Your poster must describe the CFA's main responsibilities and explain why volunteers are needed. Visit the Volunteer today section of the CFA website for background information. Explore the menu options listed on the left side of the page for additional information.

When the presentations are complete, conduct a short informal quiz to assess student understanding and to reinforce key information. Questions might include:

  • Who would help your family find out about your home's bushfire risk?
  • What can a Community Fireguard Group in your area help you with before the bushfire season?
  • Where could you find out if there was a Town Protection Plan in your area?
  • What phone numbers should you have at hand as bushfire season begins?
  • What is a Neighbourhood Safer Place? Who could tell you where they are in your district?
  • What services might be provided by the local SES in the bushfire season?
  • Who provides up-to-date information about Fire Danger Ratings? Where and how would you find that information on high-risk bushfire danger days?
  • How does the CFA recruit the vast majority of its firefighters?